Meet two patients who received individualized care from the multidisciplinary teams of the South Calgary PCN.

Established in February 2006, the South Calgary Primary Care Network (SCPCN) includes the area south of Anderson Road to the southern, western, and eastern city limits. Our vision is to lead optimal personal and community wellness. Our commitment to south Calgary residents includes implementing service-delivery strategies that are patient-centered, enhance timely access, and advance patient care.

Located in the fastest growing area in Calgary, the SCPCN now has over 230 member doctors at 56 clinics. We have introduced many new programs for the residents of south Calgary, including Maternity Care, Health Management, and a Breastfeeding Clinic, as well as the addition of behavioural health consultants. We are always evaluating our services, so we can provide the types of care that are needed most in our area – all while improving access to that care.

With 10 years of serving our patients’ needs, the SCPCN remains committed to a vision of strengthening the community through the Medical Home – the family doctor’s office. It’s the place where patients should feel most comfortable talking about their health and medical concerns. It’s also the place where they receive streamlined and coordinated primary health care from a team of health professionals. Our support for the Medical Home includes access to care 365 days of the year, enhanced health teams and help with sustaining and improving the comprehensive health care available to the people of south Calgary.

Our programming is developed and delivered in partnership with family doctors and designed to meet everyday health needs. Research shows that people who are connected to family doctors and visit them regularly have better health outcomes. In addition, they receive better chronic disease care, make fewer visits to the emergency room and are hospitalized less often.