We Value Your Input

Do you have a concern?  If you want to submit a concern, fill out this FORM. 

The Concern Resolution Process, is an extension of South Calgary PCN’s commitment to partner with patients, families, and community members to ensure the provision of quality care. This commitment includes member clinics, partner organizations, professional regulatory bodies and contracted agencies.

Addressing Concerns:

The SCPCN values your input; we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us continuously improve the processes of our PCN.

If you are a patient or part of a member clinic and want to share your concerns or compliments regarding health care services or PCN support services you or a family member has received, there are two options for you to do so:

Option 1
Talk to your health care provider directly. Whenever possible, we first encourage you to speak with your care team.

  • Your care team knows you best
  • Discussing your questions or concerns may resolve any issues right away
  • This is often the best way to proceed
  • You can also ask the manager or supervisor for help
  • Health care providers appreciate hearing a compliment first-hand

Option 2
Complete our Feedback form and send it by mail.  Please complete the Feedback form with as much detail as possible. Once complete, please mail it to the following address:

C/O Patient Feedback (T. Davidsen)
SCPCN Wellness Centre
4000, 1800 – 194 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2X 0R3

Someone will contact you by phone once your feedback is received.

What can I expect when I share feedback?

  • We will listen and respond with privacy and respect
  • We will gather information and investigate if you have a concern
  • A response will be provided in the event of a concern
  • At the conclusion of the review further options will be provided to you

There is no time limit to share your feedback; it is reviewed when it is received. However, it is best to bring any concerns forward quickly so they can be resolved.

Will things become worse for me if I raise a concern?

No. Your feedback is important to us and is seen as an opportunity for us to improve! The SCPCN values your input and is committed to addressing all feedback in a fair and objective manner.


THE POLICY – Concerns and/or inquiries will be addressed via a formal handling process outlining roles, responsibilities, key actions, and timelines. The process will allow for positive feedback to be received as well.

Principles of Concern Resolution:
Timely: Concerns are acknowledged and managed efficiently without unnecessary delays.
Seamless/Coordinated: Complainants will be aware of hand-off / transition between service providers /organization resolving their concerns but will not be affected by it or experience delays.
Accessible: The CRP process is simple, and clear.
Confidential: Information is managed in a way that protects patient, family and provider and staff privacy.
Fair/Transparent: The CRP is open, clear, and plainly evident to everyone including staff, patients, physicians, providers and the public. Concerns are managed in an equitable, objective, impartial manner and reflect the principles of natural justice (a set of procedures designed to ensure decisions are made fairly).
Resolution close to the source: Concerns will be resolved as close to the point of service as possible and will involve others in the organization, as appropriate, regardless of where the feedback is received.
Responsive: All feedback is valued and utilized to improve service delivery without adverse consequences to the complainant.


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