Mental Health

"There is no health without mental health." –World Health Organization

Mental health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of a mental illness. Whether you are experiencing stress in your life or are supporting someone who is, the South Calgary PCN has a variety of resources to help you.
Your family doctor is your first point of contact.

As health providers, we receive referrals directly from your family doctor, provided they are an SCPCN Time to Talk referring physician. If your doctor is a referring physician, he or she may refer you to Time to Talk (T2T) or another appropriate resource in the community.

Our services are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Our programs include

Time to Talk (T2T)
Happiness Basics
Anxiety to Calm
Craving Change
Mindful Journey

Time to Talk (T2T)
T2T provides counselling and resources for individuals and couples experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, stress and other mental health related issues. T2T is for all ages and stages, up to six sessions, including evening and weekend appointments. Our fully licensed mental health professionals, who are members of professional colleges in Alberta, can help you with a variety of concerns.
If you do not have a family doctor AND you live in south Calgary (south of Anderson Road), please call us at 403.668.8600 and choose option 4 to learn more about your self-referral options.
Happiness Basics
Your guide to being happier. Our workshops will teach you the skills you need to live a happier life. Our empowering Happiness Basics program will help you understand how happy people think and what they do to create happiness. Attend the 4-week workshop (a total of 8 hours) and learn 11 practical skills that can bring more happiness into your life.

For more information, visit our Happiness Basics workshop page.

Anxiety to Calm
If anxiety has stopped you from doing your usual activities and living your best life, come learn skills to find calm, challenge yourself and live well.

For more information, visit our Anxiety to Calm workshop page.

Craving Change
Skill power, not will power. Understand why you eat the way you do and what to do about it.

For more information, visit our Craving Change workshop page.

Mindful Journey
The Mindful Journey is an 8-week class series for participants with recurrent depression and anxiety. The course draws both from mindfulness practice (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

For more information, visit our Mindful Journey workshop page.

Recovery College (through the Canadian Mental Health Association)

The SCPCN is partnering with Recovery College to offer patients a variety of workshops on site at the PCN Wellness Centre. Please visit the Recovery College website to see a full listing of workshops at all locations.

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