Wellness Centre

The PCN Wellness Centre is an important part of your Medical Neighbourhood. You receive most of your care in your family doctor’s office, but if you require maternity care, breastfeeding support, certain mental health supports or are interested in our many workshops, you will find yourself at the PCN Wellness Centre.


The birth of your baby is one of the most significant events in your life. And since 2007, the maternity care program at the SCPCN has been a part of it. Whether it’s a first baby or another in a growing family, one thing is clear – we like having babies in south Calgary!

Our family doctors specialize in obstetrical care and deliver at South Health Campus or Rockyview General Hospital. As a team, we offer quality, low-risk maternity care and education throughout your pregnancy, until you and your baby return to your family doctor in your Medical Home. We provide family doctors, registered nurses, and other allied health care professionals, who collaborate on all aspects of your care, from pre- and postnatal care to breastfeeding and nutritional support to mental wellness services.

As long as south Calgary families keep growing, we’ll be here for you.

Most popular baby names in south Calgary are Emma, Charlotte, Sophia, Jacob, Lucas and Henry


Breastfeeding is one of the many things a mother may want to learn to do immediately after her baby is born. And while breastfeeding is completely natural, new mothers often find they need some extra support to know what works best for their particular situation. That’s why the SCPCN, in collaboration with Circle Medical, offers a Breastfeeding Clinic.

Services are provided by a team of family doctors with specialized training in breastfeeding medicine, who are available to manage complicated cases and registered nurses who are also certified lactation consultants.

We can help you with

  • General breastfeeding advice and education
  • Latching and positioning advice to decrease nipple pain and improve milk supply
  • Correction of tongue ties
  • Recognition and treatment of nipple yeast and oral thrush
  • Treatment of engorgement and mastitis
  • Interventions to increase milk supply
  • Information about expressing and storing breast milk

If you live within the SCPCN’s boundaries, you can self-refer by contacting the Breastfeeding Clinic directly, or your family doctor can refer you. 


Mental wellness affects all of us. It includes our emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. It touches every aspect of our lives, from how we handle stress, how we relate to our loved ones and those around us, and even how we make choices and major life decisions.

The SCPCN is committed to providing the best resources within your Medical Home by providing a social worker and a mental health therapist, directly in your family doctor’s office, where you feel most comfortable. In addition, our Time to Talk (T2T) program provides counselling and resources at the PCN Wellness Centre. T2T is for all ages and stages, and we offer evening and weekend appointments. Our licensed mental health professionals can help you with anxiety, stress, family violence, depression, loss and grief, life transitions, relationships, addiction, and adjustment to illness. And our social workers can open up a world of resources available to you through the SCPCN and in your community. We also offer a variety of free workshops, including Happiness Basics, Anxiety to Calm, and the Mindful Journey.

Sometimes you just need help getting started. An appointment with your family doctor is your first step to getting the help you need. And whether you are experiencing mental wellness concerns in your life or are supporting someone who is, the SCPCN has a variety of resources to help you.


We have shifted the focus of our Health Management program to take a more community-based approach. Our Community Wellness Team offers one-on-one appointments with a registered dietitian, as well as an impressive variety of group-based workshops for patients with non-complicated medical conditions and healthy patients looking for wellness supports and preventative services. And the best part is you can self-refer!


Our Family Care program at the PCN Wellness Centre was created to deliver primary care services to individuals and families living within our boundaries. Family Care also helps patients who don’t have a family doctor in the safe transition from specialty and acute care to community care in a Medical Home.

In 2019, we will be expanding Family Care to include quality primary care support in the management of patients with chronic pain and opioid dependency.

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