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Being part of a Primary Care Network means your doctor is connected with other physicians and has additional supports to enhance care. Your family doctor’s office—where you can feel most comfortable talking about your health and medical concerns - is your MEDICAL HOME.

The Medical Home model is an adopted program by the Alberta Medical Association and the College of Family Physicians of Canada, to ensure the best care and management of patients in the primary care setting. This means your family doctor is doing additional work to be able to address your health needs. Evidence shows that patients live longer and are healthier when they are supported by their family doctor and a health care team in their Medical Home. At the South Calgary PCN, we are committed to the Medical Home model, working with the family physicians to enhance care for your family and your community. For more information on Medical Home visit

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The PCN Wellness Centre

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The PCN Wellness Centre is home to our PCN programs and services, our workshops, and our administrative and operations team.

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Finding a family doctor is the first step to having a Medical Home.

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