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We’ve been looking everywhere for you. How do we know you fit the bill? Because you are seeking work that matters. It’s a chance to work with bright, dedicated and like-minded people whose passion for their work matches your own. You are team-spirited and open to change. Most importantly? You want to make things better. We are nimble in our decision-making and can quickly turn ideas into actions and solutions. Our values of innovation, wellness, collaboration, integrity and accountability aren’t just words, they are in our everyday actions and how we treat each other. 


Join us as we change the landscape of primary health care for generations to come.

What Makes Us Special

Compensation and Benefits

Employer matched Group Retirement Savings Plan, flexible health spending accounts, training budgets, competitive compensation, paid time off


Supportive and communicative leadership, strong IT and HR. Your voice matters!


We believe that people thrive when optimal health, engagement and work-life balance is achieved. Through our corporate policies, employee training opportunities and organizational benefit plans, employees have the opportunity to use these supports to achieve their best psychological and physical health.

Our Values

The SCPCN culture is defined by 5 core values. They provide a foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

We take initiative to anticipate and identify needs and solutions by supporting creative development and the safe exchange of ideas.
We take responsibility for all decisions and actions by delivering on our commitments to contribute to the overall success of the organization.
We actively uphold the ethics of the PCN by following through on commitments with honesty, consistency, and transparency
We work together toward common goals by the exchange of ideas through the demonstration of receptivity, compromise and respect.
We demonstrate personal well-being by maintaining boundaries in all areas of our lives. We support and respect the emotional, psychological and physical health of each other.

Do we share the same values?

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Here is what some of our staff have to say about us and our values.

I do value the work-life balance that SCPCN gives. It allows me to spend more time with my family."
I have time to do what I love. I have time to think and do well."
With collaboration we’re able to offer that extra service to patients by being able to expand beyond specific disciplines."

Our Work Environment

Here's where it all happens – this could be YOUR workspace.
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