Your South Calgary Primary Care Network

Established in February 2006, the South Calgary Primary Care Network (SCPCN) includes the areas south of Anderson Road to the southern, western, and eastern city limits. Our vision is to lead optimal personal and community wellness. And our commitment to south Calgary residents continues to be the building of a sustainable, patient-centred Medical Home.

Located in the fastest growing area in Calgary, the SCPCN now has 268 member doctors at 65 clinics. Over the years, we have introduced many new programs for the residents of south Calgary.

Our programming is developed and delivered in partnership with your family doctor and our wellness partners in the community, and is designed to meet your everyday health needs. Research shows that people who are connected to a family doctor and visit them regularly have better health outcomes. In addition, they receive better chronic disease care, make fewer visits to the emergency room and are hospitalized less often.


Together leading optimal personal and community wellness.


To build healthier communities in south Calgary through the evolution and transformation of primary care in collaboration with our wellness partners.


By 2022, every person in Canada should have a personal family physician whose practice serves as a Patient’s Medical Home.

Being part of a PCN means you have a Medical Home – your family doctor’s office. It’s the place where you should feel most comfortable talking about your health and medical concerns. It’s also the place where you will receive streamlined and coordinated primary health care from a team of health professionals. And isn’t it nice to see a familiar face at every appointment? In your Medical Home, you are at the centre of your care. Your doctor leads a health care team that is focused on caring about you while they are caring for you, a team who will come to know you well, creating a relationship of care that can develop over a lifetime.

But your health care journey doesn’t begin and end in your Medical Home. At the South Calgary PCN, we believe that you will make stops at different places in your medical neighbourhood. The medical neighbourhood is designed to provide the right care at the right time by the right professional. Your family doctor is your Medical Home and is the key to opening all of the services available to you in the neighbourhood, which has much more than just your doctor’s office. That’s because it’s designed to meet all of your needs, not just your physical health care needs. From community supports and social services to specialists to hospital stays to mental wellness supports – wherever your journey takes you – we will guide you and coordinate your care.

The South Calgary PCN is committed to ensuring that all residents living in south Calgary have access to a family doctor AND a team of health care providers, who will ensure they receive timely care and coordination of comprehensive health care services. It’s our vision that in your Medical Home, you, your family doctor, and a team of health care providers are all partners in your care – you all work together to engage in shared decision-making to achieve your wellness goals.

It’s a fact that patients live healthier, fuller lives when they receive care from a responsible provider who shares their health journey with them and knows how their health changes over time. Studies show that when the same physician cares for you over time, for both minor and more serious health problems, your patient-doctor relationship is strengthened and understanding grows – and this is one of the most important elements of effective primary health care.

What we want for you and your family is active support of your health and well-being in your daily life, without focusing only on your care when you are sick. This means you can maintain good health and prevent illness and injury, all while your doctor uses their deep knowledge of you to work with health teams – dietitians, complex care nurses or mental health supports – to provide the best and most well-rounded care possible. It also means your doctor knows when you need preventive screening, helping you proactively manage your health. 

So, how do we do this? An important first step in this work is helping family doctors panel their patients. In the Medical Home, panelling is a tool that helps your family doctor track your care journey. Examples include screening, such as mammograms and FITs (fecal immunochemical tests for colon cancer) and following-up with missed imaging or specialist referrals. Essentially, panelling enables family doctors to take care of their patients as a group, based on factors like age, gender and disease. Patients don’t even have to be in the office for their doctors to be caring for them. If one patient has a medical issue, it can spur the doctor to look at their panel and see if any other patients could benefit from testing for that issue, as well.

Our next step throughout 2021 is to bring Primary Care Behavioural Health (PCBH) providers into your Medical Home. The PCBH model can help you when your habits, behaviours, stress levels, worrying, or emotional concerns are interfering with your daily life or your overall health. PCBH providers work with your family doctor to evaluate the mind-body-behaviour connection and provide brief, solution-focused interventions.

PCBH providers are registered nurses and social workers, who have specialty training in the behavioural management of health problems. Together, the PCBH provider and your family doctor can consider the physical, behavioural and emotional aspects of your health concern and help you find a course of action that works best for you.

Did you know all of this is available to you? If your doctor is a member of the South Calgary PCN, then it’s all here.

Welcome home.

In the Medical Home, patients don’t overuse other parts of the health care system, such as emergency departments and urgent care, which means reduced health care costs. When patients have a long-term relationship with one family doctor, they receive better care and live longer.
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