Questions about COVID-19?

Up-to-date, fact-based information on COVID-19 is available from Alberta Health Services.

Testing criteria now includes different symptoms for children and youth and adults. Use the COVID-19 Testing/Online Booking tool to complete a self-assessment.

MyHealth Records is the fastest way to access your COVID-19 test results. Parents can now access their children’s COVID-19 test results in addition to their own results by signing up for your MyHealth Records account at

Your family doctor is here for you

Don't put off getting the primary care you need because of COVID-19.

Your family doctor knows you best and can help you get the care you need. Whether it is in-person, over the phone or via video, your family doctor’s clinic is open and here to support you. Contact your doctor’s office to discuss whether an in-person or virtual appointment is right for you.

If you have symptoms related to COVID-19 or would like to book a test, visit If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Do you need primary care but don’t have a family doctor? Visit today.

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